0 Rolling Stone Lists Trouble & Love In Top Albums


“These nine songs are well-crafted signposts along the path of a hard break-up. Trouble & Love winds from the stark goodbye of “When a Woman Goes Cold,” to struggles with self-esteem in “Worthy” and finally suffering though the hard reality of “How You Learn to Live Alone.” When Gauthier concludes “I’m moving on/Through the pain,” the weathered reserve of her voice promises no happy endings. This is a songwriter who knows her titular subjects go together like a horse and carriage, and that the trouble doesn’t subside when the love dies.”

Thank you, Rolling Stone, for including Trouble & Love in the Best 40 Country Albums of 2014!


0 Hello from Kansas


Kansas. A state I was once thrown out of! When I was a seventeen-year old kid, I was living in a halfway house in Salina. I got a job driving cars through the carwash in the dead of winter, spraying off ice and salt from the cars, washing them down with a pressure washer, then driving them through the mechanical car wash. I had sticky fingers then, and I grabbed change, 8-track tapes, and in one case, a bottle of pills from a Catholic priest’s long, white sedan.

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