21 Cities in 27 Days-- More On the Way.


I've been on a roll out here on the road, moving quickly from town to town to town, dodging winter storms, closed roads and cancelled flights. Winter touring is always a challenge, but we have not had to cancel any shows. We've dealt with a couple van break downs, dodgy sound systems, and scary Motels, but we've met wonderful folks every single night as my LIVE at Blue Rock tour with Scott Nolan and Joanna Miller proceeds onward. We made it!!!

From Minneapolis to Dallas, this run is on a roll!. We had a great time in Burlington, VT. at The Higher Ground, where I was honoured to meet Jon Fishman, founder and drummer for the band Phish, who came back stage to tell me he likes my song I Drink. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him, and I'm honoured that he'd take the time to stop by.

(I snapped the mic shot below from the stage while I was at soundcheck).



This mic has been through quite a few rough nights.

Some stand out moments:  The night I made a joke on stage that I don't write dance songs, and a woman came up to me at the CD table after the show and told me that she met her dad for the first time when she was 40, he was dying of cancer, and they danced to Mercy Now.

The night I learned from a music therapist at a VA hospital in CT. that some of my songs were being sung by Vietnam Vets, who are calling themselves The Homefront Band,  and they won a Silver Medal in the National Veterans music competition with my song Sugar Cane. Congrats fellas!

Having Richard Shindell join us on stage with his electric guitar in Ashland VA. and "noodle" for 5 or 6 songs. Lets just say he is really, really good at noodling.

I have plenty more tourdates in front of me. We are headed to Georgia, Alabama, Florida Louisiana and Texas after Easter, then I head to Denmark, Sweden and Ireland with Ben Glover and Michele Gazich. I look forward to announcing two weeks of Canadian tourdates with Scott and Joanna in July, the details are still being sorted, but we are almost ready to announce.

For those who've been asking, I've added XXL T Shirts to the store.

The LIVE at Blue Rock CD is #11 on the Americana Music chart right now, which is an amazing feat for a Live CD. I wanna thank all the  stations and jocks that have been playing it. I wanna thank everyone everywhere thats helped me keep this little show on the road, it's a great job, and I am grateful to be able to keep doing it. I've got plenty new songs, and I'm playing a few of them every night, getting ready for the next studio record. The  LIVE at Blue Rock tour is keeping me busy right now, but I am looking at studio time to start cutting the new songs when I get off the road for a few weeks in June.