Aarhus, Denmark Concert Review


Last night I played my first show in Denmark, in a beautiful town called Aarhus. After sleeping off a killer dose of jet lag most of the day, I woke up in the afternoon excited to play some music. We got to the club and had an easy soundcheck, grabbed a quick curry, and I took the stage. I was thrilled to see a large crowd in front of me, on a Monday night, my first time to play in Denmark. The people were with me, my hands felt strong in the neck of the guitar, and my voice did what I asked it to all night long. It was a fantastic start to a three week tour whose purpose is to kick off the release of my new CD, LIVE at Bluerock. I consider the project officially kicked off! Thank you to all the great folks who came out to see the show, I appreciate it. And thanks to Morten Larsen with Denmark's largest magazine, Gaffa.dk, who gave us such a wonderful REVIEW—6 out of 6 stars. Onward!

—Photo by David Bust