Back on The Road, Again


Hey ya'll, I am on the road again, but not before breaking bread in Nashville with some of my favorite people in the world. Beth Nielson Chapman, John Prine, Sara Seskind and Bonnie Raitt. Sure is great living in music city....Inspirational to be sitting with so many great artists in a room.

I am touring in the deep South right now. We played in Knoxville, Birmingham Alabama and Jackson Mississippi this week, and this weekend we will be in New Orleans and Lafayette. I am touring with Scott Nolan and Joanna Miller from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and we're have a great time out here. Joanna is a fantastic drummer, and Scott's playing piano and guitar, it's a rocking little combo and I hope to keep it going for a while. Here's a nice stage shot from Knoxville, at The Square Room.

In other news, we've added digital downloads to my web site, so all of my CD's can be purchased digitally here, LOOK OUT I TUNES! I figured we'd offer it as a convenience, since so many of us listen to music in a digital format it just makes sense for me to put downloads up next to the CD's.

Well, American Thanksgiving is nearly here,I've been asked for the recipe for the garlic bread we used to serve at my old restaurant, The Dixie Kitchen. So when I get off the road on Monday, I will dig it up and post it here. Maybe a couple other ones too, we had a way with certain things that people still ask about. Lemme see what I've got in my files, I'll pop some great ones up soon. I found this shot, online, of the front of the place...Sure has been a long time! I used to live there, 12 hours a day most days. Gotta say, I prefer the musical road I am travelling now. But the Dixie Kitchen was a great run, ten years of cooking full on Cajun Cuisine for the good folks of Boston. Glad to have done it, glad it is done!