Greetings from Lyons


Greetings from Lyons Colorado, where I am in the middle of a fine week of teaching at the Song School and preparing to play the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival. The sky has offered up plenty color and beautiful Van Gogh swirls this week. Quite the show! Lyons-Clouds

In the news department, I’ve come out with a Vinyl Version of LIVE at Blue Rock. It’s a two record set, pressed on the fine thick vinyl, and it sounds terrific. They are available now on my web site, signed. I have a few copies of Mercy Now and Between Daylight and Dark vinyl records as well, and when those are gone, there will be no more made. So they are collectable now, I guess.


We lost a true great this month, Cowboy Jack Clement. I met Cowboy Jack Clement when I moved to Nashville in 2001—I went looking for him. He invited me into his house, The Cowboy Arms & Recording Spa, and played me the movie that was made about his life, Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan: Cowboy Jack Clement's Home Movies. We stayed up very late watching it, and he laughed out loud at all the funny parts and I couldn't believe I was sitting with him in his office in the middle of the night like we were old friends. It was surreal and as fine a way to start a friendship as I'd ever known. He played me some unreleased Louis Armstrong songs that he'd recorded, and we listened to some old Johnny Cash stuff, from the Sun years. What a welcome to Nashville that was, what a wonderful memory it will always be. Cowboy was the most original, eccentric, hysterical, visionary clown I've ever met. His contributions to the American songbook are immeasurable, and I doubt there'd be an Americana Genre without him. I'll be forever grateful that there ever was a Cowboy Jack … as unlikely a human being as God ever made. We had him for 82 years, and for that we can only say thank you, thank you.


Hope to see a lot of you during my upcoming travels. Be sure to check out the tour schedule, and as always thank you so much for all of your support. I'm forever grateful.