"Nashville" and A New Record


Hello from the artist’s lounge in Ricky Skaggs Studio outside of Nashville, where I am in the process of wrapping up a new record. This will be my 7th release of new songs, and we’re doing it differently than I did the other ones. I’m co-producing this time, with the amazing Patrick Granado, and we’ve recorded to tape, with Viktor Krauss, Lynn Williams, and Guthrie Trapp as the core band. No click, cans, charts or ProTools. We’re cutting songs I’ve worked on for the last 18 months directly to tape with microphones from the ’50s. We will be wrapping up this project in a day or two. Then I have to make some business decisions: Do I go to labels with it, or put it out myself? I don’t have that answer just yet. First things first, and I’ll worry about that after we’re done. Either way, a new record is forthcoming.


In the news department, I am thrilled to report that I have placed a song on the ABC TV series Nashville. It will be sung this Wednesday Sept. 25 on the season opener by the wonderful Jonathan Jackson who plays the character Avery on the show. The song is called “How You Learn To Live Alone,” and I wrote it with my dear friend Gretchen Peters. So be sure to tune in! (Here’s me and handsome Jonathan at the Bluebird.)


I’ve come out with a Vinyl Version of LIVE at Blue Rock. It’s a two record set, pressed on the fine thick vinyl, and it sounds terrific. They are available now on my web site, signed. I have a few copies of Mercy Now and Between Daylight and Dark vinyl records from my days at Lost Highway as well, and when those are gone, there will be no more made. So they are collectable now, I guess.

I’m hitting the road again on Wednesday, headed east. Come on out to a show and say hello!