Review by The Morton Report


Mary Gauthier, Live at Blue Rock. If a knockout emotional punch is what you're looking for, start right here. Mary Gauthier, straight out of Louisana, has been decking listeners for a decade with the kind of songs that can sometimes be so strong it takes a heavyweight to go the distance with her. This is her first live album, and it's the kind of stunner that can only come from someone who's absolutely ready to turn on the heat with a sackful of the very best songs from a stellar catalogue. And Gauthier has that in spades. What she really is is a short story writer who can telegraph entire lives in the matter of a few verses and intriguing chords, then deliver them with the kind of voice capable of tearing our insides in two. There is a simple devastation at the woman's core, no doubt charged by a hard childhood that almost took her all the way down. Finding music, after opening a Cajun restaurant in Boston, opened a door to salvation that the singer stepped through and never looked back. Mary Gauthier's background included characters of the highest and lowest order, and most of them walk through songs like "Our Lady of the Shooting Stars," "Your Sister Cried" and "Drag Queens in Limousines" with their heads held high and their eyes down low. These are serious people, and the person who created them is the most serious of all. She may not be a household name—yet—but Ms. Gauthier is well on her way to musical majesty. Hearing how she paints a room in Wimberley, Texas in haunting colors this night is to discover just how majestic she can be.   - By Bill Bentley, Columnist See article HERE.