Thank You, David Bowie!

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From ABC News, "Bowie Lauded as an Artist Who Made It Ok to Be Different," 1/12/2016: "David Bowie showed this queer kid from Baton Rouge that gender outlaws are cool," wrote singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier on Twitter. "Androgyny=rock&roll, not a reason to kill myself."

"Gauthier, the singer, noted that for her, Bowie's key message was about gender, not sexual orientation. 'He shattered the binary idea of gender — as being male or female — and he created that middle,' she said. 'He showed us what a man looked like in a dress, and it was beautiful. There was an inner femininity, but it was masculine, too. And he was the essential outsider,' she said; 'in fact, he gave the impression of coming from outer space, so other-worldly was his ethereal appearance.'

'But he was MORE than human,' Gauthier added, 'and not less than human. That's an important difference.'

But he was MORE than human, and not less than human. That’s an important difference.
— Mary Gauthier
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