Tin Can Caravan Rolls Down Route 66


I’ve been rolling down US Route 66 with Fred Eaglesmith’s Traveling Steam Roadshow. This tour is his concoction, he calls in the Tin Can Caravan. 50 fans, some in a bus, some in their cars…all following us down America’s weirdest highway, Route 66. We’re playing  little  towns along the way, and a few big towns too. Pulled into Needles, CA today and it was HOT HOT HOT, they say this is the hottest town in America. It was dang hot in Fred’s un-air conditioned converted old school bus, I can tell you that. He runs it on vegetable oil, and it gets the job done. But in the desert, in the heat, it ain’t for sissies.

Tonight at the Elks Club, in Needles, Fred closed the show solo, playing Me and Esther. One of my favorite songs….I am having an adult sized adventure on this tour. Loving it!