UK/Europe Tour Wraps Up


It was a wonderful three weeks out there on the road, I am tired but didn't want to see it end. From the start, it was one for the ages. Kicked it off with my first time in Denmark, and wrapped it up in Haarlem, the beautiful Dutch city that Harlem, NY, was named after.

Standout's on this tour include the two lovely breakfast's in the sweet hotel in Aarhus, Denmark, performing at the maximum security psychiatric hospital's chapel in Trondheim Norway, playing the Townes Van Zandt tribute festival in Figino Sreanza, Italy and of course the FOOD in Italy.

The wonderful spirit of Ben Glover, who accompanied me and made the adventure so much more fun by joining me on the journey, got a little pale at the end.

I am home for two weeks, and then off again, more travel ahead. As always!