Views, News and The Other Side of Fear


Our fears are like dragons guarding our most precious treasures.”—Rainer Maria Rilke


The cold woke me up this morning. As in either I turn on the heater, or I need another blanket on this bed kind of cold. Fall is here in Nashville, and the chill in my house was the first of the season. The seasons are changing, and I’m changing too. I’ve taken some big steps into independence, self-reliance, and self-determination. It’s been scary, stepping up into career self management, letting go of the record company I was with, foregoing a producer and going into the studio and co-producing my own new record with an engineer (albeit a brilliant engineer!) —it’s a re-thinking, and re-doing of the way I’ve run my business for the last decade.

On the other side of the fear, as I walk through it, is a re-birth of my passion and love of my work. Can’t help but notice how the things we fear often are the very things we must walk through to grow. So often on the other side of fears sit gifts, unopened. I’m unwrapping some of those gifts days. They are as the poet Rilke described, “most precious treasures.” I have grown stronger in my step, stronger in my voice, stronger in my vision, stronger on stage solo.


My new record is almost done. More details on this soon, but I brought in plenty trusted friends to help me, as record producers do! Duane Eddy came in to play this week, and wow, he was fantastic. The man who invented twang, playing one of my songs, it took my breath away. I love him dearly, and admire him deeply.

Duane Eddy and Mary

The Vinyl Version of LIVE at Blue Rock is available on my web site, signed.  It’s a two record set, pressed on super high quality thick vinyl, and it sounds terrific. I also have a few copies left of Mercy Now and Between Daylight and Dark vinyl records from my days as a Lost Highway artist and when those are gone, there will be no more made. So they are collectable now, I guess.

Mercy Now T-Shirts, in black or gray, are available from size small to XXL. Super soft, unisex, and comfortable. 100% Cotton

We got a new design on the Mercy Pick Necklace, and you can order them with some beads or a regular version without any. Here’s what the beaded ones look like:

Mercy-bead-necklaceI’ll be out on the road again soon, this time I’ll be on the West coast of the US. Be sure to check out the Tour Dates and hope to see you out there. As always, endless thanks for your support!