World Unkind


October News: Reaching Out In The Darkness

Life sure gets lonesome
And love is hard to find.
And the truth gets lost
in the telling.
In a world that's turned
Ben Glover and I wrote this song earlier this year, and I feel "World Unkind" is appropriate to share with you today. Our hearts go out to all those involved in the Las Vegas tragedy.

We feel it is important to share our feelings of sadness and grief at this time, as well as to stand in solidarity with our family and friends in the Country Music Community.

We also feel that now is the time to reach out, and to speak up about what we are seeing and experiencing around us. We feel that this is not the time to remain silent, no matter how painful it might feel.

Like most of you, I worry every day about increased violence and more loss of life. The daily news is downright terrifying, with the recent violence in Las Vegas, attacks on protesters and natural disasters. The darkness is rising. But, as Edmund Burke said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for the good to do nothing." Perhaps it's as simple as speaking out when you see something wrong, and saying "No, this is wrong."

I choose to look, to see, and to tell the truth about what I see. I will not be silent. I choose to stand with love, against hate.

History shows us over and over again that love and courage will save us from the spreading of darkness, not silence.

Let's find a way to raise our voices, to reach out to each other and to express ourselves, however painful, through song, through art, through dialogue, through service - whatever works best for each of us. We can visit people in hospitals, give blood, call senators or representatives, or gather with friends for a weekly dialogue about issues we are passionate about. We can bring food or water to those in need, we can express ourselves through song or art, or we can tell our stories or others' through poetry or theater or film.

Many are struggling now. People are lonely and feeling abandoned. If we can each find someone and reach them with love, the world becomes a better place, one step at a time. Our connections will become deeper as we share the deepest parts of ourselves. Together, by raising our voices through art and service and connection, we can move forward, with light, in the midst of darkness.

Click HERE or below to listen to "World Unkind." As always, thank you for being a part of my journey. ~ Mary