A Love Note From Buffalo | July Newsletter

A Love Note From Buffalo

Josh Geartz did it! He rode his wheelchair 422 miles to draw attention to the problem of Veteran suicide.

His goal was to draw attention to the ongoing suicide epidemic among Veterans:
22 Veterans a day are dying by their own hand.

Along the 422-mile ride from Indiana to New York, he completed over 40 media interviews, six television appearances, and met people in every town he rolled through.

As he rolled in to Buffalo, with his friend and fellow Veteran Roger behind him in the spare wheelchair, and Rob on a skateboard, a police escort in front of them, I was unexpectedly moved to tears.

In fact, I cried like a baby.

Have you ever cried because something is beautiful? It’s humbling, to bear witness to a human beings courage and devotion to others. The realization is primal, a deep knowing. This is what we are here for, what we humans are made to do: to help each other, love each other, and encourage each other.

Josh rolled in, took my heart in his hands, and opened it up wider.

Then Josh joined me on stage at The Sportsmens Tavern in Buffalo
and we played the song we wrote together through Songwriting With Soldiers called
"Still On The Ride."

When the show was done, and we were packing to leave, the bar phone rang.

Someone who’d seen Josh on TV decided to match the money he’d raised for SW:S ($16,000!). Tears again! A Hollywood ending to a day that gave me so many reasons to keep on believing: People are good, life has meaning, and service is its own reward.

You can continue to support Josh
and the many Veterans who can benefit from a Songwriting With Soldiers Retreat: