January 26th: TODAY is Record Release Day!

Photo by Tyler McQueen

Photo by Tyler McQueen

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Today's the day!
Rifles & Rosary Beads hit the stores this morning!
It's finally record release day!

This is by far the most collaborative project I have ever embarked on, and I am forever indebted to my co-writers, those brave women and men whose stories got turned into song through the magic of empathy.

My co-writers are the ones who lived these stories, and they are the ones who served. It is their courage, and their willingness to speak of the things they've seen, done and witnessed that make these songs come alive.

The songs feel real because they are real. I am forever in awe of the generosity of the folks I have had the privilege of co-writing with.

Also, I must acknowledge the incredible work of Darden Smith and Mary Judd, co-founders of
SongwritingWith:Soldiers. I thank them for allowing me to be a part of their amazing non-profit, this beautiful, collaborative adventure that they built from the ground up. SongwritingWith:Soldiers continues to serve those who have served us. The hard work that goes into keeping the program running happens behind the scenes daily, through Darden and Mary's dedicated work and commitment. I am forever grateful to be a part of this organization. 

The early press for the record is positive, and it is my hope that as we move into the release cycle, people will listen to these songs with an open heart and an open mind. Those who have served have sacrificed much.  Their service matters, no matter what we feel about the conflicts they've served in.

I thank each and every one of my co-writers, and can't wait to bring their songs to the listeners.

Deep breath. Here we go!