Mercy Now for Houston: Harvey's Helping Hands

This week marks the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. As I see powerful images like this one from Hurricane Harvey, I am reminded of incredible humanitarian efforts in the midst of tragedy. I am reminded of the hope that brings us together during times of need. God bless the helpers, the givers, the first responders, and the ones who do not look away.

While the divisions in our country are deep, there’s one thing we can probably all agree on: when a natural disaster of Biblical proportions strikes and people are suffering, most people care, and want to help. The rains of Hurricane Harvey are still wreaking havoc on the gulf coast. Tens of thousands of families are in need, displaced, looking for shelter.

I have friends in LaGrange, Texas. 500 of the residents of LaGrange are now homeless because 10% of the homes are uninhabitable, due to massive flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

So many small towns are under water. Yesterday, there were waves with whitecaps on I-10 in southeast Texas, just south of Beaumont (pictured below).

However, this week a hero on a jet ski rescued a Texas grandmother from her living room (pictured at top of page).  Folks waited in long lines to volunteer. Thousands of people have been mobilized in one of the biggest rescue operations in history. Lives have been spared. People and pets have been saved.

If you want to help, CLICK HERE to visit a list of organizations compiled by the Houston Chronicle doing ground level work.

I personally sent some money to The Montrose Center.

Click HERE to watch the Katrina version of Mercy Now.

If we can just keep caring about each other, we might get through these times better for the struggle.

September is upon us. The light is changing. Summer is winding down. As I travel from town to town, talking to folks before and after shows, reflecting on the current state of affairs, I can’t help but wonder, how can I use my voice to make a difference, now?

There are no easy answers, but I will not be silent. That, I know for sure. Songs are coming, and I will sing my truth, as always.

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