Press Quotes

Mary's new studio CD Trouble and Love, is out now. Mary Gauthier has received countless accolades over the last decade for the 7 studio albums she has released. NY Times music writer John Pareles picked 2001’s Filth and Fire as the #1 Indy release of the year, 2005’s Mercy Now earned her the Americana Music Association’s New/Emerging Artist of the Year title and, and 2011’s The Foundling was named the #3 Record of the Year by the LA Times Randy Lewis to name a few. Mary’s songs have been praised by both Bob Dylan and Tom Waits and recorded by Jimmy Buffet, Blake Shelton, Mike Farris, Candi Staton and others.


"The Louisiana native outdoes even her own impressive forays into the dark on her excruciatingly exquisite seventh album. Every tune is a rough gem of melody, misery and economy, as Gauthier excavates romantic wreckage like an archaeologist telling the story of a fossilized puts you right in the middle of the action we've all experienced but haven't been able to articulate as expertly as Gauthier."

 — Rolling Stone Magazine

“In narratives inhabiting the outskirts among the marginalized with steeled compassion and understanding, like 2010's The Foundling, this seventh studio LP draws marrow from Gauthier's bones, cauterizing the wounds of a relationship into one of the most devastating breakup albums of all time.”

— Doug Freeman, Austin Chronicle

“With songwriting as powerful as hers, there’s no need to go looking for qualifiers…She’s a unique, intrinsically valuable musical voice. And there’s never a surplus of those.”

— Randy Lewis, Los Angeles Time

"Trouble and Love is unlike any other "heartbreak and healing" album; its hard-won, experiential, Buddhist-like wisdom borders on the profound."

— Thom Jurek, All Music

 "Ms. Gauthier displays all of the hard-earned, accounts-settled serenity that she struggles toward successfully in the "Trouble & Love" break-up songs....and has become one of Americana music's most admired artists—across the U.S. and in her regular tours around the world."

— Barry Mazor, The Wall Street Journal

"The eight songs, on Trouble and Love, culled from a crop of 30 that came in the wake of a difficult breakup, become dirge-like if you put them on in the background. Shut out the distractions and bring them in close, and they become razor-sharp reflections of the long road out of purgatory."

 Stephen Trageser, American Songwriter

"Trouble and Love is the sort of post-breakup album you get only from an artist who finds insular personal expression to be self-indulgent, and who works at sculpting the insights of her particular experience into broadly meaningful, salving music."

 Jewly Hight, Nashville Scene

"There are only eight songs on Mary Gauthier’s latest, Trouble & Love, but the 52-year-old songwriter packs in enough emotion to fill a double LP."

 Seattle Weekly