Songwriting as a Healing Art

My method and style is to teach students how to dig deep into their inner selves to discover/uncover their own unique voice, and then effectively use this voice to compose original songs. Songwriters often have to push through firewalls of fear, confusion and self-doubt to effectively articulate their truths in their songs, but the beauty of this challenging work is the discovery that the deeply personal is universal. Digging deep into our heart of hearts, we discover the whole world there.

The universe is inside each and every one of us. Once we understand this, our work can then connect us to ourselves, to other beings, and to the world in ways we never could have imagined. These new connections inevitably bring us joy. We are returned to our own hearts through the sharing of our humanity with others. We go from feeling narrated, into narrating. We experience our own story in powerful new ways when we write it and sing it. We become a witness, take a step back and observe. The space created in this act offers an opportunity discover, name, and abandon self-defeating patterns. The uncovering and revealing of oneself in our human brokenness is the primary source of transformative beauty, the creation of art.

Songwriting Workshops: Essential Goals

Songwriters of all levels of expertise will learn to:

  • Listen for their own unique "Writer's Voice"

  • Seek new levels of awareness in their songwriting

  • Truly listen to their lyric

  • Explore the relationships between melody, chord choices, song structure and lyrics

  • Break fear based writing patterns, take risks


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