10/17: "The Intensive" 3-Day Writing Retreat in Austin, TX

I am excited to announce that I will be co-teaching an Intensive Writing Retreat with Terri Trespicio October 17-20th, 2019 in Austin, Texas.

This is a very special event, and the group is quite small. We’ve got a few spots left, and I invite you to take one.

Who’s it for? Authors, songwriters, poets, speakers, teachers, business owners, coaches, bloggers —all are welcome! The one thing you need is a desire to create, an open mind, and a kind heart to join this powerful, intimate group.

Imagine if you could take just three days to just write—songs, poetry, a TEDx talk, the opening pages of a book—anything you’ve been dying to create, that speaks to your work in the world.

This is your chance. We will provide a safe place to create in a loving, supportive community at a beautiful home with a pool, a private chef—and plenty of time to devote to your own creative work.

Learn more about how to join us here: territrespicio.com/intensive.