Bullet Holes In The Sky: Track and Video Premiere on Entertainment Weekly


November the 11th is Veterans Day in America
and Remembrance Day in the UK.

To alI who’ve served, and their families, I thank you.

I’m releasing the first song, Bullet Holes In The Sky,
from my new album,
Rifles & Rosary Beads, on Thursday, November 10th.

I wrote Bullet Holes In the Sky with
US Navy Desert Storm Veteran Jamie Trent.

Bullet Holes In The Sky was born when Jamie told me that Veterans get free breakfast at Waffle House on Veterans Day, with an active military ID. The song captures the thoughts of a Veteran sitting in a booth alone, watching the Veterans Day Parade roll by. The feelings deep inside the service member are complex, and difficult to express.

There is pride in being of service. Faith in God. Patriotism. 

Sorrow, for those who were lost.  And the feeling of being sadly resigned to the fact that these wars never end, and they just keep coming.
I hope you like the song.

A huge thank you to Jamie Trent, my co-writer, and to producers Neilson Hubbard and Josh Britt for the amazing Video.

To receive an immediate download of Bullet Holes In The Sky, pre-order a digital copy of Rifles & Rosary Beads at Amazon, iTunes or Apple Music beginning November 10th.