Folk Festivals & Friends: September 2015

Folk Festivals and Friends

September Greetings! In Denmark last week at the Tonder Festival, I had the privilege of swapping songs with Chris Smither, Butch Hancock, Hans Theessink, JT Van Zandt and Richard Dobson, and I felt right at home in a city I’d never been to before.

As a musician who travels solo most of the time, playing Summer Folk Festivals is a great opportunity to connect with my fellow travelers.

When the road has me worn down, when my body hurts and I can’t even remember what time zone I am in, seeing my musical friends renews me like nothing else.

This summer I played festivals in Norway, Canada, Denmark, and around the US. Performing on the big outdoor stages in front of large audiences is exciting and often amazing, and spending time with my community is food for my soul. I've had a wonderful summer.

The music community seemed so vast and overwhelming when I first got started on the road 15 years ago. I felt like a new kid at a new school, knowing no one, while all the other kids had known each other for years. Now, I’m a grateful member of worldwide tribe of creative artists and musicians.

Connection to community is important to me and becomes more so every year. I never expected that a community of artists would become my life when I became a performing songwriter, but musicians know each other, and form networks, and the networks form a global community. We really are citizens of the world. Swapping songs and stories with my friends has become one of my life’s greatest joys.


I’m offering a songwriting workshop in Nashville on October 1, 2, and 3, if you’d like to come down and get your own full serving of what it feels like to be submerged in group of creative people. We form a tight bond, and the community lives on long after the workshop is over. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS ON SONGWRITING WORKSHOP

Also, I will be performing with friends at The Americana Festival in Nashville, Tennessee September 16-19th. If you’re in town, come on down to the Country Music Hall of Fame's Ford Theatre Saturday, September 19th at 11:30 am. I will be offering a Songwriter's Session where I will talk about songwriting and playing and will answer your questions. I have a couple of other events during the conference as well. CLICK HERE FOR AMERICANA SCHEDULE

I hope to see you soon! Thank you for being a part of my journey!