A New Book Deal! October 2015

Friends, I am excited to announce that I have signed a book deal with Yale University Press! Steve Wasserman, the Editor of Yale Press, approached me and asked if I would write for them. My answer was a shrill, high-pitched, girly-sounding YES!

We signed the deal last week.

My book will be about songwriting and the creative process, and will take shape as I proceed. I have no master plan. When I write a song, I follow the clues in front of me, as they always take me somewhere.  I’m trusting the same process for book writing. As I head into the deep woods of something I always wanted to do but have never done, I’m doing my best to stay steady. I have a year to complete the project.  I will continue to play weekend shows, work on songs with Veterans through the wonderful Songwriting With Soldiers organization, and teach, but during the week I’ll be at my desk, book writing.

I’m a bit intimidated, a bit terrified, and truly thrilled about this new development in my world! I’ll keep y’all posted.