Home again, for little while.


I made it home from my Europe/UK tour tired but excited about going back over in April for another long run. It was wonderful to see all the folks that come to the shows, and have the chance to experience so many great cultures and countries in such a short time. Italy, Denmark, Holland, England and Norway, in three weeks time. So many diverse experiences!  It went so well I am going back, for a month or so in the spring. My two big memories?  1---I Played the maximum security psychiatric prison chapel in Trondheim, Norway that houses the most dangerous criminals in the Country. Some of them were there, and I will never forget it. The staff at the place is doing God's work, I gotta tell you, they moved me. Not an easy job, and they do it with grace. 2--- I went out on the town in London for the premier of the Led Zeppelin movie, walked the red carpet and got to meet some rock Royals, Robert Plant and Julian Lennon. WAY cool night! So I am home now, and life is just as amazing here in Nashville. Guess who loves John Prine as much as I do? Bonnie played the last show of a 75 city tour here at The Ryman, and we all got together for dinner to celebrate the sold out shows and major success of her new record. John and Bonnie go back nearly 40 years....so much love there, and mutual respect. It was an honour to join them for an evening of reminiscing. Nashville, what a great city to hang my hat.

Got to meet the great legendary Duane Eddy when Whispering Bob Harris brought him over for dinner, along with his shiny new CMA Award that he was presented with the night before. Finally, a CMA Award at my house! Congrats Bob, well deserved! I was the grateful cook, who had the most fantastic night of all...Duane and Bob and Beth, I will cook for ya'll anytime!

Last night my pal Ralph Murphy called and asked me to come to dinner, and pick up our friend the legendary Cowboy Jack Clement and his lovely partner Aileen. Jack's resume reads like the history of great American Music. He produced Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Pride, and on and on....PLUS, he is a ballroom dancer. Cowboy, we love you!

Right now when I am at home I'm busy working on a series of short stories, hoping to write enough of them to be able to put out a book of shorts soon. That means getting up before the sun comes up, making a strong pot of coffee, and playing with words for 4 hours every morning. It's a challenge, it's a joy, and it's a journey. I have two done, and about 10 started. Slow going, but getting there. Love the Fall, love the work, love my friends, love my life. I hit the road on Tuesday, headed south, more adventures to come. Thanks for joining me n the journey!